Plastische chirurgie Genk

Breast lift

A breast lift or mastopexy is a procedure under general anesthesia in which the 'sagging' or ptosis of the breasts is prevented. Due to aging (loss of skin elasticity), the effect of gravity, after pregnancy/breastfeeding or significant weight loss, the breasts can lose their firmness.

By means of a breast lift, more firmness is given to the breasts and the shape is corrected. If there is also a loss of volume, this breast lift can be combined with the placement of breast implants.


  • You must be fasting for this procedure under general anaesthetic.
  • Timely smoking cessation is very important to prevent wound healing problems.
  • When taking blood thinners, you should stop them in time. Be sure to discuss this with the surgeon during the consultation.

Postoperative course

  • You should wear a sports bra for several weeks to optimize the result.
  • You are not allowed to make any strenuous (sporting) efforts for 6 weeks.
  • It is very important to mobilize as soon as possible after the procedure (within the pain limits), in order to prevent thrombosis, among other things.

Possible complications

As with any surgery, this procedure carries a risk of bleeding, infection or impaired wound healing. After a breast lift, the sensation at the level of the nipple may have changed, depending on the innervation, the size of the reduction and differs from patient to patient. It may also be that breastfeeding is no longer possible, this also differs from patient to patient.