Plastische chirurgie Genk


Liposuction or liposculpture is a surgical technique in which subcutaneous fat tissue is aspirated by means of a cannula. First, pysiological saline with local anaesthetic and adrenaline are injected into the areas to be treated in the body through a few small incisions of about five millimeters. Dr. Hilven uses the SAFE technique (Separation – Aspiration – Fat Equalization), previously described as the safest and most effective method to perform liposuction (researched by Wall SH, Lee MR. in 'Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery' in 2016, among others).

First, a physiological aqueous solution with anaesthetic is inserted to loosen and separate the fat cells (Separation). Then, the fat cells and the aqueous solution are aspirated by means of the cannula (Aspiration). Afterwards, the cannula ensures that the subcutaneous tissue and the remaining fat cells are spread evenly (Fat Equalization).

If the liposuction treatment is extensive, you will need a general anaesthetic, but you can go home the same day.

Liposuction is used, among other things, to remove excess fatty tissue from the abdomen, buttocks and thighs. In this way the contour of the body is improved. Despite the small incisions, there is always a risk of infection. It is very important that this treatment is performed in a correct and sterile way. The final result is visible after 3-6 months.


  • With limited liposuction under local anaesthetic, you should not fast.
  • For a more extensive liposuction under general anaesthetic, you must be fasting.
  • When taking blood thinners, you should stop them in time. Be sure to discuss this with the surgeon during the consultation.

Postoperative course

  • During the first two weeks, the treated areas may feel painful and be discolored. Adequate pain relief will be suggested for this.
  • You should wear post liposuction compression stockings for 6 weeks to optimize the result. In this way, the upper skin will contract better.

Possible complications

As with any surgery, this procedure carries a risk of bleeding, infection or impaired wound healing. During the first few weeks after the operation, there may be a temporary slight swelling due to the extra inserted fluid. This will disappear quickly by wearing the compression stockings. In addition, the liposuction can cause irregularities in the skin, these often disappear spontaneously or can be treated.