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Disturbing wrinkles, what now?

By moving our mimic muscles subcutaneously in the face, we create wrinkles in the facial skin. If these can only be seen during muscle activity, we speak of dynamic wrinkles.

Wrinkles that can also be seen on a face "at rest" are static wrinkles. These wrinkles are usually larger and deeper and longer in existence than the dynamic wrinkles and may therefore require a more intensive treatment.

What does a muscle relaxant do?

In a muscle relaxant are neurotoxins produced by a type of bacteria called Clostridium botulinum. In the treatment of wrinkles, a purified form of this is injected in small, controlled doses. In this way, the use of this toxin is very safe and effective in relaxing excessive muscle contractions.

By blocking the activity in the subcutaneous mimic muscles with this muscle relaxant, causing the muscles to relax, the muscles can no longer create wrinkles in the skin.

As a result, dynamic wrinkles no longer occur, which can later continue to exist as static wrinkles.

The muscle relaxant is a completely safe product if it is handled professionally.

Treatment of wrinkles

The wrinkle treatment is preformed during a consultation. The doctor will discuss with you at which places an injection will have the most effect. The puncture sites can be indicated with a pencil. Photos can be taken to monitor the effect in the future. Then your face is disinfected. The doctor prepares the product from the vial and draws it into a syringe with a very fine needle. Finally you get a injection in the places indicated beforehand. The injection is slightly disruptive but very acceptable. Immediately after the injections, you can go home. A cold compress can be placed on the treated areas.


Make-up can be applied again from the next day. Sometimes there may be a blue spot present. This disappears quickly. Avoid putting pressure on the treated area for several days and avoid exposure to sunlight in case of a bruise.

Do not massage the treated area after the treatment. Intense exercise, hot weather, sunbathing are not recommended during the first 48 hours after treatment. This is because heat increases the blood flow and can cause an unwanted spread of the muscle relaxant so that it is worked out faster. Furthermore, the use of sauna and steam bath is not recommended for the first week after the treatment.

The effect of the product is noticeable after about 4 days. You will see that it becomes more difficult to perform certain muscle movements. This effect increases up to two weeks after the injection and lasts for about 3 months, depending on the activity in the treated muscles. For example, if you are highly expressive, you will put these muscles to work and the product may wear off more quickly. This can be solved by increasing the dose during a subsequent treatment.

If you have a new treatment performed on time and therefore do not give the muscle time to regain full strength, you will notice that the interval between two treatments will increase. In the beginning, the effect may therefore last less long, but this improves after a few treatments. Therefore, it is important not to delay the next treatment for more than three months in the beginning, otherwise the wrinkles will inexorably reappear.
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